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Two Second Floor Casements


Installing brand new second-floor casements and fixed casements with black exteriors is an effective way to give your home a modern and sleek look. In recent years, black windows have become increasingly popular, offering unique drawing power and curb appeal while providing a striking contrast to the rest of your home's exterior.

The manufacturer of these windows, North Star, is renowned for its commitment to energy efficiency and uses a unique fusion colour process that makes the colour of their windows more durable than traditional paint. This ensures that your new windows will not only look great but also save you money on energy bills in the long run.

To create a cohesive and polished look, the team carefully capped the area around the windows in matching black. This attention to detail highlights how small touches can make a big difference in elevating the look and feel of your home.

In conclusion, adding these second-floor casements and fixed casements with black exteriors to your home will provide a stylish and modern upgrade. With North Star's commitment to energy efficiency and unique fusion colour process, these windows are sure to last and remain visually appealing for years to come. Additionally, the capping around the windows showcases how meticulous attention to detail can unify and enhance the overall look of your home.