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Patio Door and Slim Window


This backyard renovation project was taken to the next level with the installation of a new ComfortStar patio door and picture window. The North Star manufactured patio door is a thing of beauty with its modern industrial design. The door's square profile and upgraded hardware give it an edge over the competition. The door has an industrial look that fits in well with modern architectural styles. However, it's not just about style. The ComfortStar Patio Door is also incredibly energy efficient, meeting the strictest building codes. With this door, homeowners can enjoy a stunning view of the outdoors without worrying about heat loss or high energy bills.

The picture window, which was also installed in this backyard, is another standout feature. It provides an unobstructed view of the outdoor scenery while allowing an abundance of natural light to flood the space. The window's design allows for the perfect balance between style and function. Homeowners can enjoy the scenic views while also reducing energy costs. With these features, this window is perfect for people who want a bright and open living space without compromising energy efficiency.

To complete the look of this renovation project, the installation team also capped the window and door in matching black to tie everything together. This subtle detail adds a polished touch to the space and emphasizes the modern design of the door and window.

Overall, the installation of the new ComfortStar Patio Door and picture window has completely transformed this backyard. The upgrades have increased the home's energy efficiency while also giving it a modern and stylish look. The new installations have brought a whole new level of comfort and functionality to the space. Homeowners can now enjoy stunning views of their backyard without worrying about high energy bills or sacrificing style.