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Double Front Door


This Olive Green Double Door with Cyprus Glass instantly elevated the look of any home, and this particular door is a standout example of how a unique blend of modern and classic design elements can create a truly stunning aesthetic.

One of the key features of this door is the Cyprus Glass, which offers a modern take on classic glass design. This glass is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary styles and works exceptionally well with a variety of house styles. The result is a door that looks both fresh and timeless, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Avanti Custom Doors, the manufacturer of this door, offers a wide range of colours, from natural earth tones to bold and bright colours, allowing homeowners to choose the perfect colour that complements their home's style and aesthetic. In this case, the door was capped to match the bricks instead of Olive Green to create contrast and make the door colour pop.

Capping is a process where the exterior frame of a door is covered with a metal or vinyl cladding that matches the door's colour. This process requires a highly skilled installation crew to ensure a quality install every time. The advantage of capping is the flexibility and adaptability it provides on the job site. Not all openings are perfectly square, and capping allows for adjustments to be made on-site to ensure a perfect fit.

Overall, the installation of this Olive Green Double Door with Cyprus Glass and capping serves as a beautiful example of how a well-designed and crafted entry door can transform the look and feel of a home. With its unique blend of modern and classic design elements, high-quality construction, and skilled installation, this door is sure to make a lasting impression on anyone who enters the home.