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Front Door and Large Sidelight


In this installation, we have a perfect example of how a solid door and enlarged sidelight can make an impact on the appearance of your entryway. This door, while simple in design, is actually quite complex. The panel is minimalistic and modern, which brings focus to the door itself rather than the decorative glass. The sidelight, which is significantly larger than usual, allows plenty of natural light into the entryway, making up for the light lost due to the solid panel.

One thing that sets this door apart is the laminated black frame that is added at the factory. This is a unique feature from Avanti Custom Doors and provides a more structurally sound way to finish a door. Not only is it functional, but it is also quite stunning. The black frame creates a bold contrast against the colour of the door, making it a real showstopper.

Overall, this door and sidelight combination is a perfect example of how small details can make a big difference. The simplicity of the design, the enlarged sidelight, and the laminated black frame all work together to create an entryway that is both striking and functional. If you're looking to upgrade your entryway, this is definitely a design to consider.